Skinny Girl Rules

Practically everything in life has rules, most of which are meant to be broken, EXCEPT of coarse, the skinny girl rules. If you want to live healthy, and look amazing all at the same time, follow me and succeed!

Skinny girl rule #1 - Get off your ass and work out!


INSANITY - download this shit. You will be sweating after 5 minutes and you’ll feel like heaven after. It’s hard, but so is losing weight. You can do it. 

30 DAY SHRED - Fuck yes, one of my favourites. Wanna lose a ton of weight in 30 days. Limit your calories and do this 5 days a week, you sexy bitch ;)

SWIMMING - If you have access to a pool USE IT! Swimming works every muscle in your body and you get a slim figure in no time! Just watch out for your hair, nails, and skin, downside is that they might get a little dry.. 

HOT YOGA - If you can withstand the heat DO IT. Hot yoga not only gets right of bloating, but gives you fabulous skin, you’ll be thin and glowing.

RUN - This is a very under rated exercise. Running burns a fuck ton of calories and gives you amazing legs. 


Skinny girl rules. Losing 50 pounds, and this is how..

1. No carbs, this includes bread, pasta, rice, potatoes - Quinoa is allowed in small amounts

2. I will workout for at least 90 minutes a day 6 days a week 

3. Alcohol will be limited to once a week but only mixed with water, no juice or pop

4. I will not drink anything but water (at least 6 cups a day) - coffee and tea are allowed. No juice or pop, diet pop is also restricted (makes you bloat)

5. I will wake up at 9am the latest and always eat a breakfast of 1/2 cup of fruit and 2 egg whites. Fruit will only be consumed in the morning, many diets fail because people don’t take into consideration that fruit turns into sugar into your body and when over eaten will cause weight gain. 

6. I will always count my calories. My calorie budget for the day is 700. (Sounds drastic, but there is a reason your body stores fat so that it has something to burn when you are not consuming enough calories)

7. Absolutely no eating after 8 pm. Late night snacking is a killer of any diet.

8. I will not binge. If I slip up, I will work off every calorie that I ate, thinking of having to burn thousands of calories does not sound fun, and should stop me from over eating. 

9. I will only weigh myself once a week. Weight fluctuates a lot and I find gaining one or two pounds always throws me off my game. 

10. I will not tell anyone that I know personally about my diet. It is proven that by telling someone your goals, mentally you have a sense of feeling that you’ve already accomplished them from the praise you get from other people. This is a no no! I will find satisfaction in people noticing, not me telling. 

11. I have jeans that my ass will not fit into, Every two weeks I will try them on, no sooner, no later. I tried them on today and there is no way in hell those are fitting me now. 

12. I will not buy any clothes until I am at least half way to my weight loss goal. It will be a gift to myself for losing 25 pounds… again… hah..

13. If I don’t feel hungry, I won’t eat. I tend to eat a lot when I’m bored, in that case I will force myself out of the house or into my room to be distracted. 

14. I will always look good, my hair will always be clean and straightened/curled, my legs and underarms will always be shaved ect… I find that when I look good, I feel good, and I am more motivated to work out. Slobs are slobs, hot bitches are hot bitches.